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Beautiful as You

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Alisa Hart (USA) - June 2024
Beautiful As You - Thomas Rhett
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*Dance starts 16 counts after music starts

Ball cross & kick, step L, 2 half turns, R coaster, 360 spin
&1&2&Step R(&) cross L over R(1) step R(&) kick L(2) step L(&)
3 4half turn back over R shoulder, half turn back over R shoulder
5&6 7 8R coaster step, 360 spin forward over R shoulder(7 8)

Out L, behind & cross ¼ turn, R rock forward, sweep back R L, toe heel half turn
1 2&3 4Step L, behind R, step L, cross R with a ¼ turn L and rock forward on the R
5 6sweep back R, sweep back L
7&8tap R toe behind you(7), half turn over R shoulder as you tap your R heel(&), step R(8)

Scuff L hitch stomp, body roll, walk back L R
1&2Scuff L hitch stomp
3 4Body roll
5 6 7 8Walk back L(5 6) walk back R(7 8)

Shuffle L, hop tap R, hop tap L ¼ turn, kick ball step, hold for 2
1&2shuffle L
&3&4&hop R tap L, hop L tap R with a ¼ turn over your R shoulder
5&6 7 8Kick ball step(5&6) hold for 2(7 8)

Last Update: 13 Jun 2024


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