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HELP - I had some

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Paul Cheevers (IRE) - June 2024
Dance begins at 16 seconds

Section 1: Heel crossovers L & R
1-8Step R heel forward, crossover R heel to L side, point R heel to front, replace R heel beside L. Step L heel forward, crossover L heel over R side, point L heel to front, replace L heel beside R.

Section 2 - Kick ball change - Heel turns 1/4
1-8Kick R foot forward, replace R foot beside left, replace L foot, step forward on R heel ¼ turn counter clock, Kick L forward, replace Lasted forward R foot, ¼ turn clockwise,bring R to L.

Section 3 – Cha cha - grapevine
1-8Cha cha cha to R side R-L-R, rock L behind R recover on R, side step L with L, step R behind L, step L with L, cross R over L

Section 4 - K steps & shuffle
1-8Step R forward diagonal, step L beside R. Step L forward diagonal, step R beside L. step R foot behind diagonal, step L beside R Cha cha cha forward diagonal L-R-L(CLAP)

Section 5 - Step turn x 2 – step back reverse turn
1-8Step forward on R foot ¼ turn counter clock, Step forward on L foot ¼ turn clockwise, step behind on R foot, ¼ turn L counter, cross R over L turning ¼ step counter, step L beside R.

(Dance repeats til music stops fade)

Dedicated to Fintan Cullen


Rae123 June 12, 2024
Love this Dance, best dance of 2024!

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