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Dust Off Your Boots

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High Improver
Katie Robinson (USA) - June 2024
Dust Off Your Boots - Adam Mac
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Intro: 16 counts, starts after the lyrics “1,2,3!”
No tags, no restarts!

[1-8] Sway, kick ball cross, ¼ turn slide, coaster
1-2Sway hips to R, sit into R hip
3&4Low kick L toward 10:30, step L in place, cross R over L
5-6Step L out to L toward 9:00 and ¼ turn over R, slide backwards dragging R (now facing 3:00)
7&8Step R backwards, step L next to R, step R forwards

[9-16] Rock recover, pony step, stomp stomp swivel swivel
1,2Rock forward onto L, recover back onto R (add a body roll here for some styling!)
3&4Step back onto L, hitch R (3), step onto R (&), step back onto L, hitch R (4)
5,6Stomp out R, L
&7&8Swivel R heel inwards (&), Return to center (7), Swivel L heel inwards (&), Return to center (8)

[17-24] Sway ¼ turn, coaster, ¼ turn hitch slide, sailor
1,2Step R forward, roll hips in a circle from L to R making a ¼ turn over L (Now facing 12:00)
3&4Step L backwards, step R next to L, step L forward
&5-6Hitch R making ¼ turn over left shoulder now facing 9:00 (&), slide R, drag L
7&8Cross L behind R, step R out to R, step L out to L

[25-32] Rock recover together 2X, dust off your boots
&1-2&Step onto R, Rock L to L side, Recover on R, Close L next to R
3-4Rock R to R side, Recover on L
5&Step right to right, flick left behind right slap left heel with right hand
6&Step left to left, flick right over left slap right heel with left hand
7Step right to right
&8Brush hands back on thighs, brush hands forward on thighs transferring weight onto left


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