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She's Got It

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Julia Amos (USA) - July 2024
Feels Right (I Love It) - Flo Rida & Brian Kelley
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Intro: 16 counts

[1-8] R toe strut, L toe strut, cross, step back, R stomp, L stomp.
1-2step R toe forward; set R foot back down
3-4step L toe forward; set L foot back down
5-6step R foot across L foot; L foot step back
7-8stomp R foot next to L foot; stomp L foot (12:00)

[9-16] R sailor step, L sailor step, R heel point flick.
1 & 2step R foot behind L foot, step L foot to the side; step in place R foot
3 & 4step L foot behind R foot; step R foot to the side, step in place L foot
5-6touch R heel forward; point R toe to the side
7-8flick R foot up behind left leg; step R foot next to L (12:00)

[17-24] ½ Turn, ¼ Turn, ½ Turn, Touch, Toe Switches RLR, ¼ Hitch
1-2½ turn left dragging and stepping on L (6:00); ¼ turn R dragging and stepping on R (3:00)
3-4½ turn left dragging and stepping on L (9:00); drag touch R next to L
5&6point R toe to the right, step R next to L; point L toe to the left
&7-8step L next to R; point R toe out to the right, ¼ hitch right with R knee up while keeping R foot out almost even with the R knee (12:00)

[25-32] ¼ Hitch with dip, L heel, L point, Step, Out, Out, In, Drag
1-2¼ hitch right keeping R knee and foot almost even as bend L knee and step on R; touch L heel forward (3:00)
3-4point L to to the left; drag and step L next to R foot
5-6step R foot out diagonally forward; step L out next to R foot at shoulders width apart
7-8step R foot back, drag L foot back diagonally next to R foot transferring weight to the L


Kent cripe July 11, 2024
I love the energy of this dance. It is fast paced; I am enjoying the challenge. Congratulations Julia on your incredible success for your first foray in designing dance steps.

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