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Love the Leaving

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Easy Intermediate - Rolling Count
Wayne Beazley (AUS) - June 2024
Love The Leavin' - Drew Parker : (iTunes & Spotify)
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Restart on Wall 3. Do first 4&a counts then restart dance at new wall
Start on “Its raining to hard"

1 2Rock L fwd raising R knee, Step R back turning ¼ R dragging L together (3 o’clock)
3&aRoll full turn L stepping LRL
4&aR Samba RLR
5 6Step L forward dragging R together, Step R to side (looking down and hands down beside hips with palms facing floor)
7&aStep L behind R,(&) Rock R to side,(a) Recover weight on L
8&aStep R behind L, (&) step L to side,(a)step R across L

1&aStep L to side,(&) Rock R behind L,(a) Recover weight on L
2aStep R to R turning ¼ L (a) turning a further ½ L step L forward (6 o’clock)
3&aStep R forward turning ¼ L, (&) step L behind R, (a) ¼ R - step R forward (6 o’clock)
4&aL forward, (&) Pivot ½ R, (a) step L forward (12 o’clock)
5 6Side R dragging L together, ¼ L-step L forward Pencil turn(on ball of L foot) further ¾ L - (alternatively just step L to side dragging R together) (12 o’clock)
7&aStep R to R, (&) Rock L behind R, (a) Recover weight onto R
8&aStep L to side, (&) touch R toe behind L, (a) unwind ¾ R placing R heel on floor (9 o’clock)


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