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Huw Morgan-Gibson (AUS) - July 2024
Austin (Boots Stop Workin') - Dasha : (Album : What Happens now? - ITunes)
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#32 Count intro

S1 Dorothy R & L, Cross Rock, Recover, ¾ Right Turn
1-2&Step R to R diagonal, Lock L behind R step slightly forward on R
1-2&Step L to L diagonal, Lock R behind L step slightly forward on L
5-6Cross R over L, Recover on L
7-8Turn ¼ R stepping R forward, turn ½ R stepping L back

S2 R Coaster, 2 x L 1/2 Pivot (or a left rocking chair), L Step, Hold
1&2R back, together R Forward
3-4Step L, turn ½ to the right
5-6Step L, turn ½ to the right
7-8Step L, Hold
* Two half pivots can be replaced by a left rocking chair

S3 R Side Rock, Cross, L Side Rock, Cross, Rocking chair
1&2Step R to R side, Recover, Step R across L
3&4Step L to L side, Recover, Step L across R
5,6,7,8Rock R Forward, Recover on L, Rock R back, Recover on L

S4 Paddle turn, cross shuffle, side rock, cross shuffle
1-2Step R forward, Turn ¼ left
3&4Cross R over L, step L to L side, Step R over L
5-6Step L to L Side, Recover
7&8Cross L over R, Step L to L side, Cross L over R

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Dianne B July 10, 2024
Well done Huw, love the dance ❤️

SuLi July 14, 2024
Hello Huw, you have done a great job!
I taught your dance last Thursday in Vienna (Austria).
Congratulations SuLi

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