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Must Be Bulletproof

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Sonny V. (DE) - July 2024
Bulletproof - Nate Smith
Bulletproof (feat. Avril Lavigne) - Nate Smith
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Intro: 16 counts

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Tap, Heel Split, Ball, Cross, Side, Sailor 1/4 Left, Brush
1–2R walk fwrd. – L walk fwrd.
3&4&R ball tap fwrd. – swivel both heels out – swivel both heals in – R ball next to LF
5-6L cross over R – R step right
7&8&L step behind R – 1/4 turn left step R out right (9:00) – step L out left – R toes brush from right to left/fwrd.
*RESTART the dance here in wall 3 (3:00)

[9-16] Cross Rock, Recover, Monterey 1/4 Turn Right Tap, Step Left, 1/4 Turn Right, Cross, Side, Heel, Ball
1–2R cross rock over L – recover on L
3&4&R point right – R close to L turning 1/4 right (12:00) – L point left – L tap next to R
5-6L step left – 1/4 turn right R step right (3:00)
7&8&L cross over R – R step right – L heel tap out left – L ball next to R
*RESTART the dance here in wall 4 (6:00)

[17-24] Cross Chassé Left, Scissor Step, Reverse Rumba Box
1&2R cross over L – L slightly left – R cross over L
3&4L left – R close to L – L cross over left
5&6R right – L close to R – R back
7&8L left – R close to L – L fwrd.

[25-32] Step 1/2 Turn Left Step, Step Lock Step, Mambo Step, Clap, Back, Clap, Back, Close
1&2R step fwrd. – 1/2 turn left step on L (9:00) – R step fwrd.
3&4L step fwrd. – R lock behind L – L step fwrd.
5&6&R rock fwrd. – Recover on L – R step back – clap hands
7&8&L step back – clap hands – R step back – L close next to R

Ending: After wall 8 is finished you dance the first 2 steps of the choreo, cross and turn:
1–2R walk fwrd. – L walk fwrd.
3–4R cross over L – unwind 1/2 left and end up with a big smile to 12:00

Start again and have fun!

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