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High Beginner
Eddie Renouf (DE) - July 2024
Freudenöl statt Tränen - Timo Langner
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#16 count Intro

Section 1 - Chassee left , back step, 1/4 Monterey turn right
1-2Chassee left (left, right, left)
3-4Rock back on right , recover on left
5,6Point RF to R, ¼ turn closing RF next to L
7,8Point L to L, close LF next to R 3 o´clock

Section 2 - Step back R&L, Rechte Coaster step, Full turn, walk L&R
1,2Step back on right, step back on Left
3&4Step back on R, step L next to R, Step Fwd on R
5,6(5) ½ turn step back on L (6) ½ step fwd on R
7,8Step Fwd on L, Step Fwd on R 3 o´clock

Section 3 - Turning side touches
1,2Step fwd on L, touch R behind L 3 o´clock
3,4Step back on R, ¼ turn, touch L next to R 6 o´clock
5,6Step L 1/4 turn on L, touch R next to L 9 o´clock
7,8Step R to R, touch L next to R 9 o´clock

Section 4 - Shuffle turn, shuffle turn, Fwd rock, recover, ball, back, back touch
1&2step 1/4 left, step right next to left, Step ¼ turn back on left
3&4step ¼ R on R, step left next to right, step ¼ turn fwd on right
5,6rock fwd on L, recover on R
&7,8ball step L beside R, step back on R, touch L next to R

On wall´s 9 and 10 the music slows down. For these 2 wall´s use the beginner option described below.

Option for Beginner:
Section 2, no turning, just walk 4 steps fwd L,R,L,R.
Section 4, no turning, just 2x shuffle forwards

The dance finishes facing 6o´clock so at the end of the very last section 4, instead of touching L next to R , make a ½ turn left back and face 12 o´clock as follows;
&7,8ball step L beside R, step back on R, step ½ turn back on L.


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