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21st Century Cowboy

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Michael Schulze - January 2018
21st Century Cowboy by The Viking Truckers
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*1 Restart, no Bridge,
(Dance begins with Words..Last night…after 8 Counts)

[1-8] Left Chasse, Rock back, Heel, Toe, ½ Pivot turn left
1&2LF Step left, RF close, LF Step left
3-4RF Step back, weight on LF
5-6RHeel forward , Right Toe backwards
7-8RF Step forward, on Balls ½ pivot left

[9-16] Cross rock, Chasse right and ¼ turn right, ½ Pivot right, ¼ Pivot right
1-2RF cross over LF, weight LF
3&4RF step right, LF close, RF step right including ¼ turn right
5-6LF step forward, on balls ½ pivot right
7-8LF step forward, on Balls ¼ pivot right

[17-24] Left Step, Cross behind, left Chasse, Cross Rock, right chasse ¼ turn right
1-2LF step left, RF cross behind LF
3&4LF step left, RF close, LF step left
5-6RF cross over LF, weight on LF
7&8RF step right, LF close, RF right including ¼ pivot right

[25-32] Left Rocking chair, Heel, Toe, 2 left stomps
1-2LF step forward, weight RF
3-4LF step back, weight RF
5-6LHeel forward, LToe backwards
7-8LF stomps 2 times beside RF **(here: RESTART in wall 5)

[33-40] Left Grapevine,Point , right Full turn, LSpitze neben RF
1-2LF step left, RF cross behind
3-4LF step left, RToe beside LF
5-6RF step right including, ¼ turn right, LF step left including ½ turn right
7-8RF step right including, ¼ turn right, LToe beside RF

[41-48] Extended Mambo left, Hold, Extended Mambo right , Hold
1-2LF step left, weight RF
3-4LF Step beside RF , Hold
5-6RF step right, weight LF
7-8RF step beside LF, Hold

[49-56] Side Rock, Cross, Hold, Right Rocking chair
1-2LF step left, weight RF
3-4LF cross over RF, Hold
5-6RF step forward, weight LF
7-8RF step back, weight LF

[57-64] Side Rocks and Turns
1-2RF step right , weight LF
3-4RF cross over LF, ½ turn on balls
5-6LF step left, weight RF
7-8LF cross over RF, ½ turn on Balls

**Restart: wall 5 after 32 counts (..2 stomps)




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