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Kansas City Stomp (L/P)

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Improver straight rhythm line/partner
Bob Pfau (USA)
All She Ever Wants Is More - Ray Kennedy
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Position: Pairs around the room, progressing toward LOD. Man stands on inside, woman on outside. Both face line-of-dance. Cape position: man's right hand holds woman's right hand just outside her right shoulder, man's left hand holds woman's left hand in front of his left shoulder
This is a line dance version of "Kansas City 4 Corners"
1Twist heels to the left
2Twist heels back to center
3Stomp with right foot
4Stomp with right foot
5Touch out with right heel
6Cross right foot over left leg
7Touch out with right heel
8Bring right foot back together
9Touch out with left heel
10Cross left foot over right leg
11Touch out with left heel
12Touch back with left toe
13Step forward with left foot
14Swing kick with right foot
15Step back with right foot
16Touch back with left toe
17Step forward with left foot
18Swing kick with right foot
19Step back with right foot
20Touch back with left toe
21Step forward with left foot turning ¼ left
22Hitch right knee
23Right foot steps to right
24Left foot steps to right behind right foot
25Step right with right foot
26Swing kick with left foot across right
27Left foot steps to left
28Right foot steps to left behind left foot
29Left foot steps to left (turning 1/8 left)
30Touch right toe beside left foot
31Step right foot to right
32Touch left toe next to right foot
33Step left foot to the left
34Touch right toe next to left foot
35Stomp right foot (turning 1/8 right)
36Stomp left foot next to right



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