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Kiss The Blarney

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Colleen Archer (AUS)
Dance Above the Rainbow - Ronan Hardiman
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Grasp elbows & raise to chest height
1Drag right foot back while raising left heel
2Drag left foot back while raising right heel
&3Step back on right ball, step forward on left
4&5Shuffle forward right-left-right (drop arms)
6Scuff left forward & around to left
7&8Left sailor - cross left behind right, step right sideways, rock onto left
Left hand on hip, look to right
1-2Right heel to floor turning toes out, hold
3Half turn to right & bring right in beside left
&4Step left side ways, rock onto right (drop hands)
5-6Step left forward, lock right behind left
7&8Left kick ball change left-left-right
Right hand on hip, look to left
1-2Left heel to floor turning toes out, hold
3Half turn to left & bring left in beside right
&4Step right side ways, rock onto left (drop hands)
5-6Step right forward, lock left behind right
7&8Right kick ball change right-right-left
Hands on hips for next 16 counts
1-2Step/cross right over left, turn ¾ turn left (on balls of both feet weight ending on right)
3&4Left coaster backwards left-right-left
5-6Right sugarfoot (touch right toe in beside left touch right heel down with toe pointing out)
7&8Right coaster step forward (right forward, left forward, right back)
1-2Cross left over right, turn ¾ turn right on balls of both feet weight ending on left
3&4Right coaster step back
5-6Left sugarfoot (touch left toe in beside right touch left heel down with toe pointing out)
7&8Left coaster step forward (left forward, right forward, left back)
1&2Stomp right heel in place 3 times while clapping 3 times
3&4Shuffle back right-left-right
5Step/cross left over right & begin turning full turn right
6Step sideways onto right
7&8Shania shuffle (step(/cross left over right step right straight behind left, step/cross left over right)
1-2Scuff right forward, step right in front of left & clap
3&4Turn heels in, out, in (weight on balls of feet, louie)
5&6Shuffle forward right-left-right
7Step left forward, scuff right heel up beside left
8Hop onto left (in place)
160 degrees turn right & step sideways onto right
2Hold & clap
3Half turn left (on ball of right), step sideways onto left
4Hold & clap
&5Step right back at 45 degrees, left heel forward at 45 degrees
&6Ball change left-right (ball jack)
&7Step left back at 45 degrees, right heel forward at 45 degrees
&8Ball change right-left (ball jack)


Turn ¼ turn right on ball change & grasp elbows at chest height


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