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A Little Tricky

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Thomas O'Dwyer (AUS)
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1&Step right across in front of left at 45 degrees, replace weight onto left making a ¼ turn right
2&3Step forward right, rock back on to left making a ½ turn right, step right down beside left
&4Step left forward making a ½ turn right, step on right in place
5-6Step left forward, touch right beside left
&7-8Step right backward at 45 degrees, step left across in front of right, hold
&1-2-3Step right to right side, making a ¼ turn left stepping forward left, step forward on right-left (or optional full turn left)
&4-5-7Step right forward to make a ½ turn left, walk right-left-right (optional full turn right)
&8Step left forward, make a ½ turn right
1-2&Step forward left at left diagonal, lock/step right behind left, step forward left at left diagonal
3-4&Step forward right at right diagonal, lock/step left behind right, step forward right at right diagonal
5-6Step left to left diagonally rocking weight forward, rock weight back onto right
7&8Step forward left, right together, left forward
1&Step right heel to right side (toes pointing left), twist toes to right (weight on ball)
2&Twist both heels to right, twist both heels to center
3&4Rock/step right behind left, replace weight to left, step right to right side
5&6Rock/step left behind right, replace weight to right, step left to left side
7-8Make a ½ turn right on ball of left and step right to right side, replace weight to left
1-4Walking forward step right across left, step left across right, step right forward, ½ turn pivot left (weight on left)
&6Step right forward making a ½ turn left, step left beside right
7&8&Step right forward, rock back onto left, step back onto right, rock forward onto left
1&2&Step on right heel, step on left foot, step on right heel, step on left foot (optional full turn while doing these 4 counts)
3&4&Step right forward, step left in place, step back on right, step left in place
5-6Step right forward making a ½ turn left, step left to left
7-8Two count body roll
1&2-3&4Step back on left, step right beside left, step forward on left, shuffle forward diagonally right on right-left-right
5-6Hold, kick left to left
&7-8Step left across right, step right to right side, step left beside right
1-2Step right behind left (twisting body to right diagonal), step left behind right (twisting body to left diagonal)
3-4-5&6Step right back (still at diagonal left), rock forward onto left, step forward right, step left beside right, step back on right
&7-8Step back on left, cross right over left, unwind to face front wall (weight on left)


On wall 2 (after body roll) complete counts 49&50 (backward coaster) then walk forward right-left. Restart form beginning.


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