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3 AM
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High Beginner
Inge Vestergård, DK (March 2016)
"3 AM" by Mads Langer
Intro: 32 count intro ( 15 sec. Into track). Start with weight on L foot, facing 9 o´clock.

Sec. 1: R Fwd, ¼ Turn R with Hitch, Step Fwd, Tap, Step Back, ½ Turn L, Step, ¼ Turn L
1 - 2Step R fwd, On ball of R Turn ¼ R hitching L (12.00)
3 - 4Step L fwd, Tap R behind L turning body slightly towards R
5 - 6Step R back, ½ Turn L stepping fwd L (6.00)
7 - 8Step R fwd, ¼ Turn L, weight ends on L (3.00)

Sec. 2: 2 x Cross Point, Jazzbox ¼ Turn R
1 - 2Cross R over L, Point L to L side
3 - 4Cross L over R, Point R to R side
5 - 8Cross R over L, ¼ turn R stepping back on L, Step R to R side, Cross L over R (6.00)
** Restart here on Wall 4 facing 3 o´clock.

Sec. 3: Chassé R, Back Rock, ½ Monterey Turn L
1 & 2Step R to R side, Step L beside R, Step R to R side
3 - 4Rock back L, Recover R
5 - 6Touch L to L side, ½ turn L stepping L next to R (2) 6.00
7 - 8Touch R to R side, Touch R beside L (12.00)

Sec. 4: 2 x Syncopated Heel Switch, Step, Scuff/Stomp, Rock Step, Coaster Step
1&2&Dig R Heel fwd, Step R beside L, Dig L Heel fwd, Step L beside R
3 - 4Step R fwd, Scuff /Stomp L beside R
5 - 6Rock fwd on L, Recover on R
7&8Step back on L, Step R beside L, Step fwd on L

* Tag after Wall 2 facing 3 o´clock: Right Rocking Chair
1 - 4Rock R fwd, Recover on L, Rock back R, Recover L.

** Restart on Wall 4 after 16 counts facing 3 o´clock

*** Tag after Wall 9 facing 6 o´clock: Right Rocking Chair, 2 x Heel Switch, Right Rocking Chair
1 - 4Rock R fwd, Recover on L, Rock back R, Recover L
5 - 8Dig R Heel fwd, Step R next to L, Dig L Heel fwd, Step L next to R
9 - 12Rock R fwd, Recover on L, Rock back R, Recover L

Ending on Wall 11 facing 12 o´clock.
Replace the coasterstep with a step back on L, and then drag R Heel/Foot slowly backwards beside L.

Contact: Inge Vestergård – mail: ingevestergaard56@gmail.com

Last Update - 15th March 2016
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