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3 Bateaux EZ

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Beginner / Improver Celtic
Angéline Fourmage (Fr, 18 March 2020)
Trois bateaux by Cécile Corbel
Start : 16 Count
Sequence : A-A-A-A-31-24 (Repeat 17 to 24)-A-32

[1-8] Triple-Step Back, Triple-Step Back, Rock-Step, Walk, Walk
1&2LF Back, RF next to LF, LF Back
3&4RF Back, LF next to RF, RF Back
5-6LF Back, Recover to the RF
7-8Walk LF FW, Walk RF FW

[9-16] Side, Cross Heel R FW, Side, Cross Heel L FW, Walk ½ L, Touch
&1-2LF to L Side, Cross R heel over LF, Cross R heel over LF
&3-4RF to R side, Cross L heel over RF, Cross L heel over RF
5-6-7-8Walk ½ L (LF FW 1/4L, RF FW 1/8 L, LF FW 1/8L, Touch RF next to LF)

[17-24] Vine R, Stomp Up, Vine L, Stomp Up (**Repeat)
1-2RF to R side, cross LF behind RF
3-4RF to R side, Stomp up LF next to RF
5-6LF to L side, cross RF behind LF
7-8LF to L side, Stomp up RF next to LF *(Restart : Make RF next to LF)

[25-32] Chassé R, Rock Step, Chassé L, Rock Step
1&2RF to R side, LF next to RF, RF to R Side
3-4LF behind , Recover to RF
5&6LF to L side, RF next to LF, LF to L side
7-8RF behind *(Restart : Make RF next to LF), Recover to LF

[33-40] Kick R FW, Kick R, Sailor-Step, Kick L FW, Kick L, Sailor-Step
1-2Kick R FW, Kick R to R side
3&4RF behind LF, LF to L side, RF to R side
5-6Kick L FW, Kick L to L side
7&8LF behind RF, RF to R side, LF to L side

[41-48] Jazz-Box, Touch, Jazz-Box, Together
1-2-Cross RF over LF, LF back
3-4RF to R side,Touch LF next to RF
5-6Cross LF over RF, RF back
7-8LF to L side, RF next to LF

Smile and enjoy the dance
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