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William Sevone (UK) & "Scorpio" Linda - October 1968
That Old Time Feeling - Roy Redmond
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Dance starts with vocals.

Dance History: Choreographed for a dancing competition that took place in Manchester around October 1968.
The dance performed at the ‘Pop Inn’ by the choreographers was placed second in the final, but didn’t not have a title - now it has be it '30 Something' years later (2000).
Danced locally in Disco/clubs for maybe 3-4 years (it even made its way to Australia – as was seen in the early 1990’s) it never achieved anywhere near the same exposure of what dances do today with global communication.
For the full history see:
note: the wording within this dance sheet has been 'tidied up' whilst leaving the original steps in place – July 2016

4x Bop n’ Kick-Together (12:00)
1 – 2Bend both knee's slightly forward. Straighten up - kicking right foot diagonally right.
3 – 4Step right next to left - bending both knees slightly forward. Straighten up - kicking left foot diagonally left.
5 – 6Step left next to right- bending both knees slightly forward. Straighten up - kicking right foot diagonally right.
7 – 8Step right next to left - bending both knees slightly forward. Straighten up - kicking left foot diagonally left.

Behind. Side. Cross. 1/4 Fwd. 1/4 Behind. Grapevine with Together (6:00)
9 – 10Step left foot behind right. Step right to right side
11 – 12Turn ¼ right (3) & step forward onto left. Turn ¼ right (6) & step right behind left.
13 – 14Step left to left side. Cross right over left
15 – 16Step left to left side. Step right next to left.

From the original dance script, but now as an optional extra
On counts: 9 and 12 bend knees slight during that count/step.

Other suggested music:
Wine, Women and Song - Patty Loveless (122 bpm)
Powerful Thing - Trisha Yearwood (148 bpm)
I Wouldn’t Lay My Guitar Down - Mike Henderson (150 bpm)

Last Update – 9th April 2019 - R2


tessi July 18, 2016
This dance deserves more than 1 or 2 stars---the cutest dances have been 16 counts. It allows non-practiced dancers to participate.

Metaltigger July 18, 2016
Many thanks for that observation 'tessi'.
Many 'appear' to forget that this dance is quite possibly older than what they are... almost 48 years old.

Metaltigger July 31, 2019
The dance is over 50 years old.. older than most of the 'top Choreographers' are today.

Metaltigger May 15, 2020
Many of those who have given this dance low 'Stars' must think that multi phrased, triple full turns in one count, back flips and somersault's 96 plus count dances have been around like 'forever'.
They cannot comprehend the meaning of the phrase 'Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow'. They just haven't got the intelligence it seems.

Georgio October 21, 2020
It's a fun, easy dance. The big advantage to these shorter beginning dances is that you can use a lot of different songs to suit your taste. However, I'll note that the instructions as given here do not exactly match the demos of the dance here in a number of small ways. Either version works fine.

Metaltigger October 22, 2020
Georgio. It is quite difficult with some languages that do not have the exact same meaning for some 'English' words. So a little latitude must always ensue.
And as always, ..any imperfections are really perfection in disguise. You are quite right regarding the variety of music that can be used, though sometime a little caution should be used.

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