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1Touch left foot out to left side
2Pivot a ¾ turn left on ball of right foot (bring left foot up to right knee with left toe pointing downwards)
3&4Shuffle forward on left, right, left
5Cross right foot in front of left foot
6Step back on left foot
7Make a ¼ turn right on right foot
8Step left foot next to right
9-10Touch right toe slightly forward and to the right and roll the right knee in two small circles to the right, setting down your right heel on count 10
Your hands mirror your feet. Put your right hand in front of you, palm down at chest height, directly over your toe. Make circles with your hand, as if polishing a tabletop, that match the circles made with your knee.
11-12Repeat 9-10 on the left side. You end up with your feet apart and both hands forward, palms down
13-16From waist upwards rotate upper body to the left starting leaning backwards and to the left. Roll body round to finish back in center. (Leave your hands out in front through this move.)
17Touch both hands on side of head
18Touch right hand on left shoulder and left hand on right shoulder
19Touch right hand on right shoulder and left hand on left shoulder
&Touch hands on hips (right to right side and left to left side)
20Bend forward and drop head downwards pointing hands to feet
21Lift head up to face front
22Lift right shoulder upwards (start to raise from bend)
23Lift left shoulder upwards (start to raise from bend)
&Lift right shoulder upwards (start to raise from bend)
24Lift left shoulder upwards. Body should reach normal height!
25Touch right foot out to right side
26Pivot a ½ turn right on ball of left foot, bringing right foot in place
27Touch left foot out to left side
&Bring left foot back in place
28Touch right foot out to right side
29Step right to right side making a ¼ turn to the right
30Pivot a ½ turn right and step back on left foot
31&32Making a ½ turn right, shuffle forward on right, left, right



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