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R U Man Enough?

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Amy Christian (USA) - July 2005
He Wasn't Man Enough - Toni Braxton : (Album: The Heat)
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Start On Vocals (32 Count Intro)

R Mambo Touch & Clap, Rock Fwd, Recover, Sweep ½ Turn R, Step, L Coaster, Step
1&2Rock R foot to right side(1) Recover on L foot(&), Touch R foot next to left foot & Clap (2),
3&4Rock fwd on R (3), Recover back on L (&), Slow Sweep R from the front to the back, making a ½ turn right(4) [6:00]
5Step back on right foot, (make sure you step down on count 5 & not on 4)
6&7Left coaster step,
8Step R foot forward,

Pivot ½ Turn, ½ Turn Shuffle, L Coaster, Sexy Walk R,L,R,
1Pivot ½ turn left, weight on left foot, [12:00]
2&3½ turn left, Shuffle R,L,R, [6:00]
4&5Left coaster step,
6-8Walk fwd with R foot crossing over L, L foot crossing over R, R foot crossing over L.

L Side Rock Cross, R Side Rock Cross ¼ Turn, Ball Cross, Twist ¼ & Step, R Coaster
1&2Rock L foot to left side, Recover on R foot, Cross L foot over R foot,
3&4Rock R foot to right side, ¼ turn left as you Recover on L foot, Cross R foot over L foot, [3:00]
&5-6Step slightly back on ball of L (&), Cross R over L(5), ¼ turn right twist’g on R, step L next to R(6), [6:00]
7&8Right coaster step.

Ball Cross, Twist ¼ Turn R & Step, R Coaster, Rock Back, Recover, Tap,Tap, Mambo L with a Clap,
&1-2Step back on ball of L foot(&), Cross R foot over L foot(1), ¼ turn right twist’g on R foot, step L foot next to R foot(2), [9:00]
3&4Right coaster step,
&5Rock back on L foot, Recover forward on R foot,
&6Tap L foot back(&), Tap L foot next to R(6), (**)
7&8(L side Mambo), Rock L foot out to left side, Recover on R foot, Step L foot next to R foot(Clap), (8).

(**) The ENDING - On the last Wall, while doing the last eight on counts &6 with the Tap, Tap, you will be facing 3 o’clock.
Instead of the L Mambo, ¼ turn left on L(7), Step R to right side(8). Feet apart, facing front wall.

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