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3rd Grade Crush

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Eivin Joensen (DK), Birgit Rasmussen (DK), Jeanette Wilstrup (DK) & Pernille Wilstrup (DK) - January 2020
Check Yes or No - George Strait : (iTunes)
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#16 Count Intro. Approx 11 sec.

**2 Tags walls 4 and 6

[1-8] Grape wine, cross, side rock, cross shuffle
1,2,3,4Step RF to right, cross LF behind RF, step RF to R, cross LF over RF
5,6Rock RF to right, recover on LF
7&8Cross RF over LF, bring LF next to RF, cross RF over LF

[9-16] Monterey ¼, scuff, step lock step forward scuff.
1,2,3,4Point LF L turn 1/4 L stepping LF next to RF, point RF R, Scuff R heel next to LF (9:00)
5,6Step FW on RF, lock LF behind RF
7,8Step FW on RF, scuff the heel of LF forward

[17-24] Forward tap, back kick, back hook, forward scuff.
1,2Step forward on LF, tap R toe behind LF
3,4Step back on RF, kick LF
5,6Step back on LF, hook L knee in front of R
7,8Step forward on RF, scuff the heel of LF forward- slightly across RF

[25-32) Jazz box ¼, hip bumps R-L-R-L
1,2,3,4Cross LF over RF make ¼ turn L stepping back on RF, step LF to L, touch RF beside LF (6:00)
5,6,7,8Sway hips right, sway hips to left, way hips right, sway hips to left

Tag happens after 19 counts on wall 4 facing 3:00 and again at wall 6 facing 3:00.
Instead of going back with hook, do these steps.
1,2,3,4Step back ¼ LF touch RF next to LF, sway hips R-L

Ending after wall 9, starting at 12:00, do the whole 32 counts, and then to finish of the dance,
Make a step ½ turn and strike a pose ;-) The music is fading so it can be hard to hear, but keep on going .

Have fun ☺

Last Update - 17 Mar 2022


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