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1-2&(SQQ) Step right to right side, rock left behind right (3rd or 5th position), recover weight to right
3-4&(SQQ) Step left to left side, turn ½ turn right and step right forward, continue turning ½ turn right and step left back
5-6&(SQQ) Continue turning ½ turn right and step right, rock forward on left, recover to right
7-8&(SQQ) Turn ½ turn left and step forward on left, step right foot forward, step left foot forward
1-2(SS) Step on ball of right foot with a straight leg, turn 1 ¼ turn right
3-4&(SQQ) Cross left over right, turn ¼ turn left stepping back on right foot, turn ½ turn left step forward on left foot
5-6(SS) Step forward right foot and (keeping feet position - weight on both feet) twist your body ½ turn to left, hold
7&8&1(QQQQS) Hold, double pirouette on left leg rotating right, fuete full turn and sweep right leg front to back
Simplified version
7&8&1(QQQQS) Hold, single pirouette on left leg rotating right
2&(QQ) Right step behind left, ¼ turn left stepping forward on left
3-4&(SQQ) Step forward on right, rock forward on left, recover on right
5-6&(SQQ) Step back on left dragging right foot toward left, turn ½ turn right and step forward on right, step left foot forward
7&8&(QQQQ) Full spiral on left leg, right foot step forward, left step forward, full spiral on left leg
1-2&(SQQ) Rondé with right forward to back, step right foot back right, step left foot back
3-4(SS) Cross right over left, unwind 1 ½ turn left with weight on right leg
5-6&(SQQ) Sweep left front to back, step left foot back, step right foot together
7-8&(SQQ) Step left foot forward starting a stationary pivot turn, turn ½ right ending with weight on right foot and immediately push back onto left and turn ¼ right stepping on right



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