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Travelin' Soldier

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Maddison Glover (AUS) & Simon Ward (AUS)
Travelin' Soldier - The Chicks
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1-2&Step right to right side slightly dragging left towards right, rock/step left slightly back, rock/step right forward
3-4&Step left to left side slightly dragging right towards left, rock/step right slightly back, rock/step left forward
5-6&Rock/step right forward, rock/step left back turning ½ turn right, complete ½ turn by stepping on right
7-8&Rock/step left forward, rock/step right back turning ½ turn left, complete ½ turn by stepping on left (12:00 wall)
1&2&Step right forward, pivot ½ turn left taking weight onto left, step right forward, pivot ½ turn left taking weight onto left
3-4&Rock/step right forward leaning hip slightly forward, step left back, step right slightly back & beside left
5-6Rock/step left back, rock/step right forward
7-8&Rock/step left back, step right forward, step left slightly forward turning a full turn right (12:00 wall)
1-2&Step right forward dragging left towards right, step left forward, pivot ½ turn right taking weight onto right
3-4&Step left forward dragging right towards left, step right forward, pivot ¼ turn left taking weight onto left
5-6Step right forward at 45 degrees left dragging left towards right, touch left beside right & click right fingers
7-8Step left back at 45 degrees right dragging right towards left, touch right beside left & click right fingers (3:00 wall)
1&2Turn a full turn to your right stepping right, left, rock/step right to right side
3&4Turn a full turn to your left stepping left, right, rock/step left to left side
5-6Sway hips right-left
7&8Step right slightly to right turning ¼ turn left, step left back turning ½ turn left, step right slightly forward (6:00 wall)
1&2Rock/step left to left side, transfer weight onto right at center, cross/step left over right
3&4&Step right to right side, touch left beside right, step left to left side, touch right beside left


On the 5th wall you will restart after count 32, though you will have to bring the left together on the & count to restart on the right foot. You also can hear the fiddles come into play when the restart takes place. This is done facing the 6:00 wall


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