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Y 2 Kay

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Kay Whitmore
Will 2K - Will Smith
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1-4Step right to right side cross left in front and step right to right side hold
Arms: Cross right arm out across your body, cross left arm over it, pump both in the air twice on counts 3-4
5-8Step left to left side cross right in front and step left to left side hold
Arms: Repeat arms for counts 1-4
9-12Snake roll right turning ¼ to your right, rock weight back onto left foot (with a body roll if desired)
13-14With fingers together point right hand in the air next to head, then left
15-16Body roll back, (push hands down your front to waist level at the same time)
17-20Walk forward right, left, right, left
21-24Step back right and dig left heel (click fingers), step back on left and dig right heel (click fingers)
25-28Step right out, left out, right in, left in (with attitude)
29-32Push right foot out 4 times completing full turn
33-36Step weight out onto right foot (click right fingers), step weight out onto left foot (click left fingers)
37-40Step right in, left in, right out, left out
41-44Kick right across left and pint left foot back, kick left across right and step both feet shoulder width apart, even weight
45-48Sweep right palm over top of head, and flick it out to the right, repeat with the left hand
49-52Shuffle left leading left with a ¼ turn and rock back onto right foot and recover
&53&54And cross right in front of left and dig right heel
&55&56And cross left in front of right and dig left heel
57-60Step left forward complete ½ turn. Step left forward and complete ¼ turn
61-62Bring knees in and out leaning to the right (bring hands in and out)
63-64Bring knees in and out leaning to the left (bring hands in and out)



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