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Yeeeee Haaaaa!!

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Simon Ward (AUS) - November 2003
Country Roads - Hermes House Band
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1&2 Shuffle to R side, R-L-R 
3-4 Rock/step L behind R, recover onto R 
5&6 Shuffle to L side, L-R-L 
7-8 Rock/step R behind L, recover onto L 
9-10 Turn a ¼ turn L & step R slightly back, turn a further ½ turn L & step L forward 
11-12 Rock/step R forward, recover onto L 
13-16 Step R back taking R arm forward, for following 3 beats tap R heel turning ½ turn R raising R arm and following into ½ turn taking wt onto R 
17-18 Rock/step L forward, recover onto R 
19&20 Turn a full turn L with a triple step in place (L,R,L) 
21-22 Rock/step R forward, recover onto L 
23&24 Turn a full turn R with a triple step in place (R,L,R) 
25-26& Rock/step L forward, Rock/step R back, step L beside R 
27-28 Step R forward, pivot ½ turn L taking weight onto L 
29-30 Step R forward turning ¾ turn L on R foot, touch L beside R 
31&32 Shuffle to L side L,R,L slightly hitching R knee on count 32 
On the 5th wall you will do the following for a bit of fun. (12:00 wall) 
1-4 Step R to R side tapping heel on the spot for 4 beats turning into a ¼ R (bring R arm from L to R from counts 1-4) Lean the body for a bit of style 
5-8 Step L forward, pivot ½ turn R taking weight onto L, turn a further ¼ turn R & step L slightly L (back to 12.00 wall), step R beside L 
9-16 Repeat above steps on opposite foot with opposite arm (L hand side) 
17-24 Step R slightly to R tapping R heel & bumping R hip 4 times, repeat on L (click fingers) 
25-28 Step R forward, pivot ½ turn L taking weight onto L, repeat (slow pivots) 
29-32 Step R to R side & bring arms down, out & up slowly for 4 beats 
Restart dance (slowly) 
The song slows down in certain parts where you just go with the flow and it will all fall into place. Try it contra, looks great on the floor.


xiaofang January 11, 2017

Hann21921 January 30, 2021
Admirable choreography. Many thanks.

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