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Hey Big Spender

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Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - July 2007
Big Spender (North by Northwest Remix) - Shirley Bassey : (Album: Get The Party Started)
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Start the dance on the vocals 
1-8 Toe Step, Kick & Touch, & Touch, Drag, Right Shuffle Fwd 
1,2 Touch the Lt fwd, Step in place Lt 
3&4 Kick Rt fwd, Step Rt next to Lt, Touch Lt to Lt 
&5 Bring the Lt next to Rt compressing Lt Knee, Touch Rt to Rt 
Optional arm: Extend Rt arm straight out to Rt (5) 
6 Drag Rt next to Lt straightening Lt knee 
Optional arm: Bring Rt arm in and straight up (6) 
7&8 Step Rt fwd, Step Lt next to Rt, Step Rt fwd 
9-16 Rock Step, Shuffle Back, Rock Step, Triple Full Turn Forward 
1,2 Rock Lt fwd, Replace weight Rt 
3&4 Step back Lt, Step Rt next to Lt, Step back Lt 
5,6 Rock back Rt (prep for turn), Replace weight Lt 
7&8 Make 1/2 turn Lt stepping back Rt, Make 1/2 Lt stepping Lt fwd, Step fwd Rt 
17-24 Fwd Cross & Back Cross & Back Cross, 1/2 Turn Rock Step 
1,2 Step fwd Lt, Cross Rt in front of Lt 
&3,4 Step Lt back, Step Rt to Rt, Cross Lt in front of Rt 
&5,6 Step Rt back, Step Lt to Lt, Cross Rt in front of Lt 
7&8 Step Lt 1/4 turn fwd Lt, Pivot 1/4 turn Lt in place rocking Rt to Rt, Replace weight Lt 
25-32 Cross Side Cross 1/4 turn Lt, Step 1/2 Turn, Full Turn 
1,2 Cross Rt in front of Lt with compressed knee?s, Step Lt to Lt and straighten knee?s 
3,4 Cross Rt in front of Lt with compressed knee?s, Step Lt 1/4 turn fwd Lt and straighten knee?s 
5&6 Step Rt fwd, Make 1/2 turn Lt, Step fwd Rt 
7,8 Make 1/2 turn Rt stepping back Lt, Make 1/2 turn Rt stepping fwd Rt 
TAG: On wall 3 dance the first 16 counts, then add the 4 count tag, your be facing 6 o? clock. 
Rock Lt fwd (1), Replace weight Rt (2), Rock Lt back (3), Replace weight Rt (4). Start the dance from beginning. 
NOTE: You will finish the dance facing the front wall ending on count 30. HAVE FUN 
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