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I Are (I R)

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Barry Durand (USA) - August 2007
The Way I Are (feat. Keri Hilson) - Timbaland : (Album: Timbaland Presents Shock Value)
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Intro: 32 counts 
1-8 Hitch, Sailor Kick and Step, Hitch, Hip Bump 
1,2 Start with weight on R and L toe tapped to left, hitch L up bending left knee and then point L toe to left.  
3&4&5,6 ¼ turning sailor kick left - Step behind L with 1/8 turn left, step in place R with 1/8 turn left, kick L, step L, step forward R, hitch L up behind R at the knee 
7&8 Step side L and Hip bump L & L weight ends on L 
9 - 16 Turning Sailor, Hold & Cross, Walks, Coaster 
1&2 ¼ Turning sailor by crossing R behind L turning 1/8 turn right, step in place L turning 1/8 turn right, step forward R with toe turned out to right 
3&4 Hold count 3, turn ¼ turn right while stepping side L, cross in front R 
5,6 Step forward L starting to turn, turn ½ turn to left while stepping back with R 
7&8 Coaster step by stepping back L, together R, forward L 
17-24 Crosses, Sweep, Heel Jacks, Press Rock Recover 
1&2 turn ¼ turn right while stepping cross R in front, step side L, cross R in front,  
3 Sweep L from back to front 
4&5&6 Step down on L, and heel jack by stepping side R, tap or kick L, step in place L, turn ¼ turn left and step forward R 
7,8 Step forward onto L with a press, recover back onto R 
25-32 Coaster, Kick ball tap, Body Roll, ¼ turn  
1&2 Left Coaster step ? step back L, together R, forward L 
3&4 Right Kick Ball Tap ? kick R, step back R, tap L bending left knee 
5,6 Body Roll down from top to bottom ending with weight on R, or just do to hip bumps L (5&6&) 
7,8 Step forward L turning ¼ turn left, step side R 
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