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Heart's Desire

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Karen Hedges (USA) - April 2007
Everything Your Heart Desires - Chace Roberts
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1-8 Basic cha cha with ¼ turn left, ½ turn, lock steps 
1-2-3 Step side right, rock forward L, recover R 
4&5 Step side left, R next to L, step ¼ turn left 
6-7 Step R with ½ turn left, shift weight to L 
8&1 Step forward R, lock L behind R, step forward R 
9-16 Skate, skate with ¼ turn, rock-step-cross, point, step, step 
2-3 Skate left, skate right with ¼ turn right 
4&5 Rock side left, recover R, cross L over R 
6-7-8 Point R to side right, step forward R, L 
17-24 Rock, triple, ½ turn, step, ½ turn, point 
1-2 R forward rock step, recover 
3&4 R triple back (stepping R, L, R) 
5 Make a ½ turn left stepping forward L 
6-7 Step forward R, pivot ½ turn left, stepping forward L 
8 Point R to side right 
25-32 Step, point, step, point, jazz box with ¼ turn 
1-2 Step R across L, point L to side left 
3-4 Step L across R, point R to side right 
5-6 Step R across L, step back L 
7-8 Step ¼ turn right step R forward, step L forward 
RESTARTS on 2 walls: 
Wall 3: Dance 28 counts (this is the point steps), leave off the jazz box (you will be facing 12:00). 
Wall 7: Dance 24 counts (you are pointing R to the right) facing 9:00 


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