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Beat Interchange

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Kate Sala (UK) - July 2007
Fantasy - Chelo : (Album: 360)
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Or Music: England 2 Colombia 0 From the album Tropical Brainstorm by Kirsty MacColl 
Cross Step, Side Step, Sailor Step, Cross Step, R Side Rock, Recover, Coaster Step. 
1 2 Cross step R over L. Step L out to L side. 
3 & 4 Cross step R behind L. Step L to L side. Step R to R side. 
5 6 7 Cross step L over R. Rock on to R to R side. Recover on to L. 
8 & 1 Step back on R. Step L next to R. Step forward on R 
Rock Forward, Recover, Full Turn back L, Back Lock Step, Rock Back, Recover.  
2 3 Rock forward on L. Rock back on to R.  
4 5 Turn ½ L stepping forward on L. Turn ½ L stepping back on R. 
6 & 7 Step back on L. Lock step R over L. Step back on L. 
8 1 Rock back on R. *Rock forward on L. 
Side Step, Pivot ¼ Turn L, Step Forward, Walk Forward, R Kick Ball Change, Step, Pivot ¼ L.  
2 & 3 Step R out to R side. Pivot ¼ turn L. Step forward on R. 
4 Step forward on L. 
5 & 6 Kick R forward. Step down on ball of R. Step L down in place.  
7 8 Step forward on R. Pivot ¼ turn L. 
Pivot ¼ R, Forward Step, Pivot ½ R, Ball Step, Walk Forward, Forward Coaster Step, Step Back. 
1 Keeping the feet in place pivot 1/4 turn R.  
2 3 Step forward on L. Pivot ½ turn R. 
& 4 5 Step ball of L next to R. Step forward on R. Step forward on L. 
6 & 7 Step forward on R. Step L next to R. Step back on R 
8 Step L next to R.  
Start Again. 
*Note:- When using the music `England 2 Columbia 0? There is one restart. 
During wall 2 dance up to count 8 on section 2 (Rock back on R) then step ball of L next to right for the `&` count and start the dance again from the beginning.


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