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Dare 2 Drop?

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M.T. Groove (UK) - May 2007
Intro:64 counts from very beginning of track. 
¼ turn knee rolls, Bend Straighten, Shoulders, ¼ pivot hold, & Cross, Step. 
&1-2 Make a ¼ turn R rolling R then L Knee clockwise (&1). Lower upper body (2) (Facing 3 o?clock)
3&4 Straighten up, Isolate shoulders R, L. (still facing 3 o?clock)
5-6 Pivot heels ¼ turn L (back to 12 o?clock), Hold. 
&7-8 Step L next to R, Cross R over L (angled to R diagonal), Step forward on L (Square up to 12 o?clock)
Side together forward, Hold & together, ¼ side cross ¼ step, Hold & together. 
1&2 Step R (big step) to R side, Close L next to R, Step forward R. 
3&4 Hold, Step forward L, Step R next to L (feet now together). 
5&6 Make a ¼ turn L Step L to L side, Cross R over L, Make ¼ turn L Step forward L. 
7&8 Hold, Step forward R, Step L next to R(feet now together). 
Touch, Reverse ½ turn touch, Lean Recover, ½ pivot touch, Run run run/hitch. 
1-2-3 Touch R toe back, Reverse ½ turn R, Touch R next to L. 
&4 Lean upper body to L side as you lift R leg to R side slightly off floor -Keep leg straight and toes turned up(&). Step forward R (4). 
5-6 Pivot ½ turn L, Touch R next to L. 
7&8 Run forward R,L,R ? Hitch L knee as you step on R on count 8. 
Optional arms on count &4 as you lift R leg off floor touch R shoulder with L hand (fist clenched ? elbow bent) and put R hand with fingers splayed over crotch but not touching it!!! 
Rock/lean back recover, ¼ cross side, ¾ reverse box turn & cross. 
1-2 Rock back on L (lean back as you do this) for count 1-2. 
3&4 Recover on R, Make ¼ turn L cross L over R, Step R to R side (facing 3 o?clock)
5-6 ¼ turn L as you step L to L side, ¼ turn L step R to R side, 
7&8 ¼ turn L step to L side, Close R next to L, Cross L over R. (now facing 6 o?clock)
* RESTART here DURING wall 2 ? Dance upto count 7 and hold &8 so feet are apart ready to start again from the beginning (you?ll be facing the 3 o?clock wall)
R Coaster, Step Step Drop, Walk R,L, Pivot½ turn step 
1&2 R Coaster step, 
3& Step forward L, Step R next to L,  
4 With knees together bend them like your about to sit down (like your knees have given way). 
5-6 Stand up from your drop as you step forward R, Step forward L. 
7-8 Pivot ½ turn R, Step forward L. 
X2 Cross Rocks, ¾ turn walkaround. 
1&2 Rock R across L, Recover L, Step R to R side. 
3&4 Rock L across R, Recover R, Step L to L side. 
5-6-7-8 ¾ turn walkaround to your R stepping R,L,R,L feet will be shoulder width apart ready to start again ? facing 9 o?clock 
Start Again ? Don?t Just Move It ? Groove It!!!  


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