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G Force (aka Ring Of Fire 06)

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William Sevone (UK) - October 2006
Ring of Fire (Stadium Edit) - Dario G : (CD: Disco Hits 2006 vol2)
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Dance starts (after long intro) when the ?Spanish? horns come in (46 seconds). Weight on the left foot. 
Choreographers note:- The ?accent?, within the choreographed music changes on the 3rd wall (for one wall) ? so don?t worry.. your timing isn?t out. See the note about the ?restart? at the bottom of the script.  
And because of this restart, it is suggested that this dance is more suited for experienced beginners who have recently moved into the Advanced Beginner level. 
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'. 
2x Chasse-Behind-Side (12:00) 
1& 2 Chasse right (R.L-R) 
3 - 4 Cross step left behind right. Step right to right side. 
5& 6 Chasse left (L.R-L.) 
7 - 8 Cross step right behind left. Step left to left side. 
1/4 Right Shuffle Fwd. Step. Pivot 1/2 Right. Shuffle Fwd. Step. Pivot 1/2 Left. (3.00) 
9& 10 Turn ¼ right & shuffle forward (R.L-R)  
11 - 12 Step forward onto left. Pivot ½ right (weight on right foot). 
13& 14 Shuffle forward (L.R-L) 
15 - 16 Step forward onto right. Pivot ½ left (weight on left foot). 
RESTART POINT (see note below) 
1/4 Left Heels. Toes. Heels-Toes-Heels. Toes. Heels. Toes-Heels-Toes (12:00) 
17 - 18 Turn ¼ left & stepping right next to left ? swing heels to right. Swing Toes to right. 
19& 20 Moving to right: Heels-Toes-Heels 
21 - 22 Moving to right: Toes. Heels 
23& 24 Moving to right: Toes-Heels-Toes 
Lunge Step. Rec. 1/4 Triple. Lunge Step. Rec. 1/2 Triple (3:00) 
25 - 26 Lunge step right to right side. Recover onto left foot. 
27& 28 (on the spot) Triple step ¼ left (R.L-R) 
29 - 30 Lunge step left to left side. Recover onto right foot. 
31& 32 (on the spot) Triple step ½ right (L.R-L) 
Restart: This will occur on count 16 of the 6th wall - facing 6:00.  
This would also be the normal ?end of wall position? (count 32) if there was no restart. 
As an added bonus - the music will stop for counts 13-16.- so you can?t really miss it. 
The dance will finish on count 32 of the 10th wall (6:00). To end facing 12:00, simply ?triple step? a full turn. 
Other suggested music: Ring of fire (110 bpm) by Kimber Clayton ? no ?restart? required 


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