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Couldn't Resist!

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Ingemar Kardeskog (SWE) - November 2005
Can't Resist - Texas from : (Album: Red Book)
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Start dance after 16 counts from first beat on vocal ? ? I believe?.? 
I would like to dedicate this dance to my 4 weeks old grand daughter. I became father at age of 23,  
and now my son Seth and daughter in law Jessica became parents, at age of 24. Welcome to the world Wilma  
Section 1 Shuffle forward, Walk, Walk, Rock, Recover, Back Shuffle 
1&2 Step R forward & Close L beside, Step R forward  
3-4 Walk L, Walk R 
5-6 Rock L forward, Recover to R 
7&8 Step L back & Close R beside L, Step L back 
Section 2 Shuffle ½ Turn, Chasse, Back, Rock, Kick Ball Cross 
1&2 Turn ¼ right stepping R to right side & Close L beside R, Turn ¼ right stepping R forward 
3&4 Step L to left side & Close R beside L, Step L to left side 
5-6 Rock R back, Recover to L 
7&8 Kick R diagonally to right & Step R beside L, Cross L over R 
Section 3 Side, Hook ¼ Turn left, Shuffle forward, Step ½ Turn, Coaster Step 
1-2 Step R to right side, Turn ¼ left on ball of R hooking L 
3&4 Step L forward & Close R beside L, Step L forward 
5-6 Step R forward, Turn ½ left stepping R back (keeping weight onto R) 
7&8 Step L back & Step R beside L, Step L forward 
Section 4 ¼ Turn Chasse, Back, Rock, Side, Behind, Turn ¼ left, Hitch 
1&2 Turn ¼ left stepping R to right side & Close L beside R, Step R to right side 
3-4 Rock L back, Recover to R 
5-6 Step L to left side, Step R behind L 
7-8 Turn ¼ left stepping L forward, Hitch R 
Start from the beginning again and be happy.


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