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Midnight Waltz

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Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) - July 1992
Children - The Mavericks
Love Oh Love - Lionel Richie
Let There Be Peace - Scooter Lee : (CD: Test Of Time)
any medium tempo waltz
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Section 1 Crossing Twinkle Step (Spiral) with 1/2 Turn Right. x 2.
1 - 2Step left forward across right. Step right to right side.
3Step left to left side. (Turning body slightly left).
4 - 5Step right forward across left. Step left beside right making 1/4 turn right.
6Step right 1/4 turn right and to right side.
7 - 12Repeat steps 1 - 6

Section 2 Cross Rocks & Left Grapevine.
13 - 15Cross rock left over right. Rock back onto right. Step left to left side.
16 - 18Cross rock right over left. Rock back onto left. Step right to right side.
19 - 21Cross rock left over right. Rock back onto right. Step left to left side.
22 - 24Cross right over left. Step left to left side. Cross right behind left.
Note: Steps 13 - 21 are frequently danced as twinkle steps although the dance was originally choreographed as above.

Section 3 Sways Left & Right.
25 - 27Step left large step to left side. Slowly slide right beside left.
28 - 30Step right large step to right side. Slowly slide left beside right.

Section 4 Step Slow Kick & Back 1/2 Turn Left x 2.
31 - 32Step forward left. Slowly low kick right forward with pointed toe.
33Begin lowering right leg.
34 - 35Step back on right. Make 1/2 turn left, step forward onto left.
36Step right beside left.
37 - 42Repeat steps 31 - 36

Section 5 Twinkle 1/4 Turn Left, Basic Twinkle Back.
43Step left diagonally forward to make 1/4 turn left.
44 - 45Step right beside left. Step left in place.
46 - 48Step back right. Step left beside right. Step right in place.


Helen Bang November 9, 2017
Works really well to Fran and Scott's Paso Doble from Strictly Ballroom soundtrack. We also dance this to Mexican Wind, Jann Browne

HOMER2016 August 19, 2020
i want to learn this dance

Happy dance lady September 4, 2021
This is one of my absolute favorite timeless line dances. We just did this dance yesterday to Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman.

dancer33 November 17, 2021
Classic fabulous dance x

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