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Roses And Kisses

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Suzy Taylor (UK)
Kiss from a Rose - Seal
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Intro: 48 counts 
Section 1 Step ¼ turn L, step ¼ turn L, cross, full turn R, Rock back step, rock back step 
1-3 Step R ¼ turn L, step L ¼ turn L, cross R over L 
4-6 full turn R stepping L1/4 turn, R ¼ turn ,L ½ turn traveling L 
7-12 Rock R behind L, recover, step R to side, Rock L behind R, recover, step L to side 
Section 2 Rock back step, step behind sweep, behind ¼ turn step, step forward hold 
1-3 Rock R behind L, recover, step R to side 
4-6 Step L behind, sweep R around and behind L over 2 counts 
7-9 Step R behind L, step L ¼ turn L, step R forward 
10-12 Step L forward, hold over 2 counts 
Section 3 Step forward hold, step pivot ½ turn step, 1 ¼ turn L, rock back ¼ turn touch 
1-3 Step R forward, hold over 2 counts 
4-6 Step L forward, pivot turn ½ R, step L forward 
7-9 Step R ¼ L, step L ½ turn L, step R ½ turn L 
10-12 Rock L behind R, recover making ¼ turn L, touch L beside R 
Section 4 Forward basic, ½ turn back basic, slow L coaster, full turn 
1-3 Step L forward, step R beside L, step L in place 
4-6 Making ½ turn L step back R, step L beside R, step R in place 
7-9 Step L back, step R beside L, step L forward 
10-12 Step R ¼ turn R, step L ¼ turn R, step R ½ turn R 
Section 5 Lunge, step back, R back basic, L back basic, slow R sailor 
1-3 Lunge L forward, recover onto R, step L back 
4-6 Step R back, step L beside R, step R small step back 
7-9 Step L back, step R beside L, step L small step back, 
10-12 Sweep R around and behind L, step L1/4 turn R, step R to R side. Restart on 5th wall 
Section 6 Step point hold, monteray point hold, step toe behind unwind ¾ R, rock and cross 
1-3 Step L forward, point R to R side, hold 
4-6 Monteray ½ turn R bringing R beside L, point L to side, hold 
7-9 Step onto L, touch R to behind, unwind ¾ R, weight ends on R. Restart 2nd wall 
10-12 Rock L to L side, recover, step cross L over R 
Restart on 2nd wall section 6 dance only 9 counts keeping weight on L, and 5th wall dance only 
sections 1-5 but touch R next to L on count 12. 
Tag: At end of 3rd wall add 6 counts 
1-3 Rock R to side, recover, cross R over L 
4-6 Rock L to side, recover, cross L over R


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