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Filthy N Gorgeous

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Suzy Taylor (UK) - December 2004
Filthy Gorgeous - Scissor Sisters
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Start On vocals 
Cross, step ¼ turn R, & across point X 2 
1-2 Cross step R over L, step L back making ¼ turn R 
& 3-4 Step R next to L, cross step L over R, point R to side 
5-8 Repeat steps 1-4 
Step R side, L and R heel Drops, 2 heel switches & ¼ turn L, stomp 
9-10 Step R slightly to side, bounce L heel turning body to L diagonal 
11-12 Step onto L, bounce R heel turning body to R diagonal 
13&14 Touch R heel forward, step R in place, touch L heel forward 
&15-16 Step L in place, making ¼ turn L step R to side, stomp L next to R 
Rock, recover, ¾ triple turn R, side rock ¼ turn R, cross shuffle 
17-18 Rock R forward, recover onto L, 
19&20 Step R 1/2 turn R, step L beside R, step R ¼ turn R 
21-22 Step L forward rock turning ¼ R 
23&24 Cross step L over R, step R to side, cross step L 
Side, hold & side, hold, lunge, kick ball scuff 
25-26& Step R to side, hold (clap), step L beside R 
27-28 Step R to side, hold (clap), 
29-30 Lunge leaning body to L side, recover 
31&32 Kick L across R, step L in place, scuff R forward 
Tag 1: 
1-4 Touch R toe across L, click fingers, hold for 2 counts then restart dance. 
Occurs on back wall during 2nd and 6th wall after count 28. 
Also during 11th wall facing front after count 12 (heel drops) 
Tag 2: 
1-16 2 skates R, L, R shuffle Diagonally,2 skates L,R, L shuffle diagonally. 
Rock R forward, recover, R coaster, Rock L forward, recover, L coaster then restart dance. 
Occurs front wall end of 4th wall 
Tag 3: 1-8 Dance 1-8 of tag 2 then restart dance. 
Occurs front wall end 8th wall. 
Ending 13th wall facing back wall dance up to 28 count then touch R toe across L, click finger with arms crossed above head.


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