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Peter Metelnick (UK) & Alison Metelnick (UK)
Forbidden Fruit - Jessica Simpson
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(start after 32 count intro)  
1-8 R forward, L kick-bump-flick, L sailor step, ¼ R sweep into R rock back & recover 
1-2 Step R forward, kick L forward on L diagonal 
3-4 Stepping L to L side bump hips L, switching weight on R foot flick L to L side 
5&6 Cross step L behind R, step R to R side, step L to L 
7-8 Turning ¼ R rock R back, recover weight on L 
9-16 R forward rock & recover, R together, L forward, ½ R pivot turn, L forward rock & recover, L together, ¼ R heel grind 
1-2 Rock R forward, recover weight on L 
& Step R together 
3-4 Step L forward, pivot ½ R 
5-6 Rock L forward, recover weight on R 
& Step L together 
7-8 Touch R heel to R side turning, grind R heel right turning ¼ R  
(weight remains on L) 
&17-24 R back, L heel forward, hold, R heel jack, R ball cross, R heel up & down, L forward, R touch behind 
&1-2 Step R back, touch L heel forward, hold 
&3 Step L back, cross step R over L 
&4 Step L to L, touch R heel forward 
&5 Step R to R, cross step L over R 
&6 Raise R heel, press R heel down with weight ending on R 
7-8 Step L forward, touch R behind L 
25-32 ¼ R back, ¼ L & L forward, R forward, ½ L pivot turn, R together, L syncopated vine 
1-2 Turning ¼ R step R back, turning ¼ L step L forward 
3&4 Step R forward, pivot ½ L, step R together 
5 Step L to L 
6& Cross step R behind L, turning ¼ L step L forward 
7-8 Step R forward, step L slightly forward 
Restart 1: 
Facing R side wall the first time around. Dance the first 8 counts of the dance which will take you to the back wall. Add the following 2 COUNTS ? Step R forward, pivot ½ L (this takes you to the front wall). Start the dance again. 
Restart 2: 
4 walls later after the first restart you will be facing the front wall. Dance the first 18 counts of the dance which will take you to the front wall. Add the following 2 COUNTS ? &1-2: Step L back, touch R together, hold. Now restart the dance. 
Dance ends facing front wall.


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