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High Class Lady

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Peter de la Croix (USA) - August 2007
High Class Lady - The Lennerockers
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Start On Vocals, 16 counts after heavy beat kicks in.

Section 1 Toe strut, Toe strut, Side shuffle, 1/4 Turn Right, Scuff
1-4 Right Toe strut, Cross Left Over Right and Toe strut
5-8 Side shuffle Right, Left, 1/4 Turn Right, Scuff Left Over Right

Section 2 Cross rock, Recover, Turn 1/2 Left, Hold, Lockstep, Scuff
1-4 Rock step Left Over Right, Recover On Right, Turn 1/2 Left, Hold
5-8 Step Forward Right, Lock Left Behind Right, Step Forward Right, Scuff Left Over Right.

Section 3 Jazz box 1/4 Turn Left, Touch, Monterey 1/2 Turn, Touch
1-4 Step Left Over Right, Step Back On Right, 1/4 Turn Left On Left, Touch Right Next To Left
5-8 Monterey 1/2 Torn To Right, Touch Left next to Right

Section 4 Continuous Vine To Left, Touch.
1-8 Eight Count Vine To Left, Touch Right next to Left

Section 5 Sideshuffle,1/4 Turn Right, Scuff, Cross rock, Recover, Turn 1/2 Left.
1-4 Side shuffle Right, Left,1/4 Turn Right, Scuff Left Over Right.
5-8 Rock step Left Over Right, Recover on Right, Turn 1/2 Left, Hold

Section 6 Two Pivots, Coaster step, Hold
1-4 Step Forward Right, Pivot, Step Forward Right, Pivot.
5-8 Step Back On Left, Step Right Next To Left, Step Forward On Left, Hold

Section 7 High Class Lady Steps, Touch Rocks With Attitude, Hold
1-4 Rock Right Slightly Forward, Recover Left, Look Up to Right, Rock Right to Right, Recover Left, Look Over Right Shoulder.
5-8 Rock Right Slightly Back, Recover Left, Look Over Left Shoulder, Touch Right To Side, Hold,
Look Forward, Chin Up (Show Off Your High Class Attitude !)

Section 8 Jazzbox 1/4 Turn Right, Jazz box 1/4 Turn Right.
1-4 Step Right Over Left, Step Back On Left, Turn 1/4 Right On Right, Step Left Next To Right.
5-8 Repeat the above 4 counts.

Restart and Have Fun.


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