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Rock And A Smooth Place

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Masters In Line (UK) - September 2007
The Hurt Inside - Gary Moore : (CD: Afterhours)
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Music Alternative: Steeley Dan, Chain Lightening from cd Katy Lied

Count in: After 32 counts on the words conscience

Large step back, drag, ball change step fwd, anchor step, coaster ¼ cross
1 2 Large step back on right, drag left up to right
&3 4 Step back on left, step fwd on right, step fwd on left
5&6 Step right behind left, replace weight onto left, step back right
7&8 Step back left, step right next to left, step left across right making 1/4 turn left

Ball change click, ball change ¼ turn right, rock replace, 1 ¼ turn left, (or ¼ chasse)
&1 2 Step right to right side, cross left over right, hold & click
&3 4 Step right to right side, cross left over right, make ¼ turn R stepping fwd R
5 6 Rock fwd left, replace weight back on right
7&8 Turn ½ turn left, step fwd L, turn ½ turn L stepping back on R, make ¼ turn left stepping L to left side, alternatively, make ¼ turn Left and chasse side

Hitch, side touch, step touch, triple whole turn, coaster step.
1&2 Hitch right knee up, step right to right side, touch left next to right
3 4 Step left to left side, touch right toe in front and slightly fwd of left
5&6 Triple whole turn right
7&8 Left side rock and cross

Walk, walk, prep turn step, rock replace triple whole turn backwards.
1 2 3 Walk fwd right, walk fwd left, walk fwd right (prepare to turn over right shoulder
&4 ½ turn right step back on left, make ½ turn right step forward right
5-6 Press forward on left foot, recover to right
7&8 Make ½ turn let on left, ½ turn left back on right, step back left



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