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Gaye Teather (UK) - October 2007
Firecracker - Josh Turner : (CD: Everything Is Fine)
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Alt. Music: High Energy Jive by Jive Aces, CD: Life Is A Game

Intro for Firecracker - 48 counts * (32 count intro for High Energy Jive)
*This track isn’t perfectly phrased but the dance is aimed at beginners so tags have been deliberately omitted. Just dance straight through. The alternative track is evenly phrased throughout

Right toe. Heel. Kick. Kick. Behind. Side. Cross. Hold
1 – 2 Touch Right toe to Left instep. Touch Right heel to Left instep
3 – 4 Kick Right foot forward on Right diagonal twice
5 – 6 Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to Left
7 – 8 Cross Right over Left. Hold

Left toe. Heel. Kick. Kick. Behind. Side. Cross. Hold
1 – 2 Touch Left toe to Right instep. Touch Left heel to Right instep
3 – 4 Kick Left foot forward on Left diagonal twice
5 – 6 Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right
7 – 8 Cross Left over Right. Hold

Rumba box
1 – 2 Step Right to Right. Step Left beside Right
3 – 4 Step forward on Right. Hold
5 – 6 Step Left to Left. Step Right beside Left
7 – 8 Step back on Left. Hold

Toe struts back x 2. Quarter turn Right. Out. Out. In. In
1 – 2 Step Right toe back. Drop Right heel to floor
3 – 4 Step Left toe back. Drop Left heel to floor
5 – 6 Quarter turn Right stepping Right out to Right side. Step Left out to Left side (feet apart) (Facing 3 o’clock)
7 – 8 Step Right back to centre. Step Left back to centre (feet now together with weight on Left)

Begin again


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