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Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)!

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Jo Kinser (UK), John Kinser (UK) & Mark Furnell (UK) - October 2007
Let's Dance - Craig David : (Album: Hot Stuff)
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Start on the vocals.

(1-8) Stomp, Kick, Coaster Step, Step, Kick, & Point, & Touch
1,2 Stomp Rt in place, Kick Rt low fwd
3&4 Step Rt back, Step Lt next to Rt, Step Rt fwd
5 Step Lt fwd
6&7 Kick Rt low fwd, Step Rt 1/4 turn Rt (looking over Rt shoulder), Point Lt to Lt
&8 Step Lt inplace 1/4 turn Lt, Touch Rt next to Lt (12’oclock)

(9-16) Kick & Kick &, Flick Step, Bump, Bump Lift, Bump, Bump Lift
1&2 Kick Rt low infront of Lt shin, Step Rt next to Lt, Kick Lt low infront of Rt shin
&3,4 Step Lt next to Rt, Flick Rt behind Lt calf, Step Rt to Rt
5&6 Bump hips Rt, Lt, Rt transferring weight Rt as Lt raises of the floor
7&8 Transfer weight Lt bumping hips Lt, Rt, Lt transfer weight Lt as Rt raises of the floor

(17-24) Touch Fwd, Side, Fwd, Hitch, Step, Step Turn 1/2, 1/2, 1/4
1,2 Touch Rt infront of Lt, Touch Rt to Rt
3,4 Touch Rt infront of Lt, Hitch Rt Knee
5,6 Step Rt fwd, Step Lt fwd
7,8 Make 1/2 turn Rt stepping Rt fwd, Make 1/2 turn Rt stepping Lt back,
& Make 1/4 turn Rt stepping Rt to Rt (3’oclock)

(25-32) Cross Point, Cross Point, Cross Back, Lock Back, 1/2 Turn
1,2 Cross Lt infront of Rt, Point Rt to Rt (shimmy)
3,4 Cross Rt infront of Lt, Point Lt to Lt (shimmy)
5,6 Cross Lt infront of Rt, Step Rt back
&7,8 Lock Lt infront of Rt, Step Rt back, Make 1/2 turn Lt stepping Lt fwd (9’oclock)



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