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Kings & Vagabonds

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Kate Sala (UK) & Daan Geelen (NL) - November 2007
Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John
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Start on vocals after a 16 count intro.

Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Sway x 2, Triple Run in a Semi Circle, Sweep, Triple Full Turn
1 2 & 3 4 Step R to R side. Cross rock L over R. Recover on to R. Step L swaying L, Sway R.
5 & 6 Fast walk round in a semi circle anti clockwise travelling towards 12 o’clock then 6 o’çlock, on L, R, L.
7 Sweep R foot around from back to front stepping forwards.
8 & 1 Triple full turn R on the spot on L, R, L.

Step Forward, Triple Full Turn R, Hold with preparation, Pivot ½ Turn R, Sweep With ¼ Turn R, Side Mambo Cross
2 Step forward on R.
3 & 4 Triple full turn R travelling forward on L, R, L.
5 Hold, pushing R shoulder forward extending R arm forward.
6 Pivot ½ turn R.
7 Pivot ¼ turn R on the R foot sweeping L round from back to front cross stepping it over.*
8 & 1 Rock on R out to R side. Recover on to L. Cross step R over L.

Hitch Ronde Cross, Walk Back on Diagonal R, L, Cross Step Behind, Walk forward on L, R, L. Side Rock & Cross
& 2 Hitch L knee up & ronde in front of R cross stepping it over R. Facing 3 o’clock.
3 & 4 Turn to face front R diagonal walking back on R, L, Cross step R behind L.
& 5 6 Stay on the diagonal walking forward on L, R, L.
7 & 8 Facing 12 o’clock rock on R out to R side. Recover on to L. Cross step R over L.

Turn ½ Turn R, Step R, Cross Rock Behind, Recover, Step L, Coaster on Diagonal, Lock , Step, Step Forward on Diagonal, Spiral Turn R To Face Back Wall
& 1 Turn ¼ R stepping back on L. Turn ¼ R stepping R out to R side.
2 & 3 Cross rock L behind R. Recover on to R. Step L out to L side.
4 & 5 Turn to face back R diagonal stepping back on R, Step L next R, step forward on R.
& 6 7 Lock step L behind R, Step forward on R. Step forward on L.
Note: On count 7 push R shoulder forward extending R arm forward in preparation for the turn.
8 On the ball of L spiral turn R picking up R foot to face back wall ready to step R.

Start Again! Enjoy!

Restart: There is 1 restart on wall 4 *
Dance up to count 6 of section 2. Replace the sweep ¼ turn R with a sweep ½ turn R for count 7 to face 12 o’clock wall. Counts 8 & 1 rock on R out to R side. Rock on to L. Take a long step R for count 1 to begin again from the start of the dance.

Tag: 2 count tag at the end of wall 5 facing the 6 o’clock wall.
1 2 Sway R. Sway L.


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