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Feliz Navida

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Peter de la Croix (USA) - December 2007
Feliz Navidad - Boney M.
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Section A: Crossover Vine,Rock,Recover,Step, Hold
1 - 4 Step RV to right,LV behind right,RV to right,cross LV over right.
5 - 8 Rock RV to right,recover LV behind right,step RV to right, Hold

Section B: Crossover Vine,Rock Recover,Step,Hold
1 - 4 Step LV to left,RV behind left,LV to left,cross RV over left
5 - 8 Rock LV to left,recover RV behind left, step left to left,Hold

Section C: Figure 8 Vine
1 - 8 Step RV to right,LV behind right,RV 1/4 turn right,LV 1/2 turn right,Rv 1/4 turn right,LV to left,RV behind left,LV to left.

Section D: Crossrock,Recover,Step,Hold,Side rock,Recover, 1/4 turn left Coasterstep.
1 - 4 Rock RV over left,Recover LV,Step RV next to left,Hold
5 - 8 Rock LV to left,Recover RV, Turn 1/4 left, Step LV back,RV next to left,Step LV forward.

Section E: Rock,Recover,1/2 Turn Step, Hold, Rock, Recover 1/2 Turn Step,Hold
1 - 4 Rock RV forward,Recover LV,1/2 Turn right,Step forward on RV, Hold
5 - 8 Rock LV forward, Recover RV, 1/2 Turn left, Step forward on RV, Hold

Section F: 1/4 Turn Pivot, 1/4 Turn Pivot, Jazzbox
1 - 4 Step RV forward,Pivot 1/4 left,Step RV forward, Pivot 1/4 left
5 - 8 Step RV over Left,Step LV back,Step RV next to left, Step LV forward.

Section G: 1/4 Turn Pivot,1/4 Turn Pivot, Jazzbox.
1 - 8 Repeat the steps of Section F,(when done, you will be facing 12:00)

Section H: Rock Forward,Recover, 1/2 Turn right,Hold,Step Forward, Pivot 1/2 Turn right,Step Forward,Hold.
1 - 4 Rock Forward on RV, Recover on LV, Turn 1/2 right, Step forward on RV, Hold
5 - 8 Step forward LV, Pivot 1/2 Turn right, Step forward LV, Hold.

End Of Dance, Repeat.


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