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Want Ya

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Henrik Gronvold (NOR) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - February 2008
Want Ya - Darin
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Alt music: Run DMC, let’s get married

Hich, 1/4 turn, touch, coaster step, fwrd R diagonal, touch, fwrd L diagonal, L 1/4 turn, kick step, touch, sarlemijn arms.
1,2 Hich R knee brush L hand on R shoulder (1) turn 1/4 L touch L heel forward (2)
3&4 Step LF back step RF beside LF step LF forward
5& Step RF forward to R diagonal (5) touch LF beside RF (&) (face 9:00)
6 Step LF forward to L diagonall (6)
7&8 Turn 1/4 to L kick RF forward (7) step RF down (&) touch LF behind RF (8)
Arms movements on count 7&8: Point elbow's forward with R hand up & touch L hand inside of R elbow (7). Point L hand up, touch R hand inside of L elbow (&). Place L hand infront of your chest, point R arm out to R look to the R (8)

Hand roll, L 1/4 turn, knee press, L swivels, scuff, hitch, step, sailor step.
1,2 Roll R hand over your head (1) step LF 1/4 turn to L press L knee forward, place R hand beside R hip (2).
& Turn 1/4 to L and swivel LF enkle out.
3 Swivel enkles in
& Swivel enkle out
4 Swivel enkle in.
5 Scuff RF next to LF and turn ¼ over left.
& Hitch R enkle up to your bump.
6 RF step to right.
7&8 Cross LF behind R (7) step RF to R side (&) step LF to L (8).

Touch, touch, cross & touch, pivot 1/2 turn, bodyroll.
1,2 Touch RF over LF (1) touch RF to R side (2) (weight on LF)
3&4 Step RF behind LF (3) step LF to L (&) touch RF beside LF (4)
5,6 Step RF forward (5) pivot 1/2 turn L (6) weight on LF
7,8 RF next to LF and make bodyroll from up to down count 7, 8

Cross touch, arms movements, 1/4 turn, samba shake.
1 Cross touch RF over LF.
2 RF next to LF.
3 Cross touch LF over RF.
4 LF next to RF.
5 RF step forward.
6 ¼ over left.
7 RF to right while doing this shake body.
8 LF next to RF while doing this shake your body.

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