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Line Of Fire

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Frida Axelsson (SWE) - February 2008
Line Of Fire - E-Type & The Poodles : (CD: Melodifestivalen 2008)
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Start on vocals (really quick start)

Grapevine right, kick, grapevine left, touch
1-2-3-4 step RF right, cross LF behind, step RF right, kick LF fwd
5-6-7-8 step LF left, cross RF behind, step LF left, touch RF beside LF

Side, touch, side, touch, ¼ left, side, touch, side, touch (claps)
1-2 step RF right, touch LF beside (clap)
3-4 step LF left, touch RF beside (clap)
5-6 turn ¼ left, step RF right, touch LF beside (clap)
7-8 step LF left, touch RF beside (clap)

Step ½ turn left, clap twice, out, out, clap twice
1-2-3-4 step RF fwd, turn ½ left, step LF fwd, clap twice
5-6-7-8 step RF out right, step LF out left, clap twice

Knee pop, knee pop, knee roll, knee roll, jump, jump
1-2-3-4 pop right knee in, recover, pop left knee in, recover
5-6 roll right and left knee
7-8 jump twice, end with feet together

Toe strut, toe strut, v-step
1-2-3-4 toe strut RF fwd, toe strut LF fwd
5-6-7-8 step RF diagonally fwd, step LF diagonally fwd, step RF back in place, step LF back in place

Toe strut, clap twice, toe strut, clap twice
1-2-3-4 toe strut RF diagonally fwd, clap twice,
5-6-7-8 toe strut LF diagonally fwd, clap twice,

Cross over, turn ¼ left and point, cross and point, cross, unwind ½ left, stomp, stomp
1-2-3-4 cross RF over LF, turn ¼ left, point LF left, cross LF over RF, point RF right
5-6-7-8 cross RF over LF, unwind ½ turn left, stomp LF, stomp RF

Head bang twice left, twice right, put right hand up, left hand up, head bang twice
1-2-3-4 bang head left twice, bang head right twice
5-6-7-8 put right hand in the air, put left hand in the air, bang head fwd twice


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