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Why Should It Be Me?

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David Feltell (UK) - March 2008
Why Did It Have to Be Me? - ABBA : (CD: Arrival)
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Intro: 16 beat count in

Fwd heel digs x 2. Coaster step (right then left)
1,2 Dig right heel fwd twice.
3&4 Step back on right. Step left next to right. Sm step fwd with right (coaster)
5,6 Dig left heel fwd twice
7&8 Step back on left. Step right next to left. Sm step fwd with left. (coaster).

Step right. together. Right shuffle back. Step left. together. Left shuffle fwd.
1,2 Step right to right. Step left next to right.
3&4 Shuffle back right,left,right.
5,6 Step left to left. Step right next to left.
7&8 Shuffle fwd left, right, left.

Right & left side mambos. Jazz box.
1&2 Rock right out to right. Recover onto left. step right next to left (side mambo)
3&4 Rock left out to left. Recover onto right. step left next to right (side mambo).
5,6 Cross right in front of left. Sm. step back on left.
7,8 Step right to right. Step left next to right (weight on).

Right fwd rock & recover. Shuffle half turn. Left heel & toe. Left shuffle fwd.
1,2 Rock fwd onto right. Recover weight onto left.
3&4 Shuffle half turn to right on right, left, right. (6:00)
5,6 Touch left heel fwd. Touch left toe next to right.
7&8 Left shuffle fwd. left, right, left.

Repeat and enjoy


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