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The Long Wait

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Intermediate Waltz
Barb Addeo (USA) - April 2008
The Longer the Waiting - Josh Turner
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Begin on vocals

Step side, rock recover 2x
1-2-3 Step R to R side, rock back on L, recover on R
4-5-6 Step L to L side, rock back on R, recover on L

Full turn to R
1-2-3 R steps into ¼ turn R (1), hold (2), turn ¼ R stepping on L (3)
4-5-6 R steps into ½ turn R (4) point L toe to side (5) hold (6)

Modified Jazz Box with holds
1-2-3 Cross L over R (1) R steps back (2), L steps to side (3)
4-5-6 Cross R over L (4) hold (5) hold (6) (your left toe will stay positioned behind R over the two hold counts)

Step, Point, Step, Sweep
1-2-3 L steps to L side (1), point R toe to side (2) hold (3)
4-5-6 Step R behind L (4), sweep L from front, side, behind, into ¼ turn L (5,6) (9:00)

L Coaster, Step, Rock
1-2-3 L steps back (1), R steps back (2), L steps forward (3)
4-5-6 Step forward on R (4), hold (5), rock back on L (6)

Sway R, L
1-2-3 Slow sway to R side over 3 counts
4-5-6 Slow sway to L side over 3 counts

Begin again.

Tag at end of wall 5 (9:00) and 10 (6:00)
1-2-3 Sway to R (1), hold (2), sway L (3)

End the dance as the music slows down


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