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Terry Hogan (AUS) - 2008
Perfidia - Linda Ronstadt : (CD: Frenesi)
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Side Right, Together Left, Cross Right, Cha-Cha Side Left-Right-Left, Cross-Rock Right, Replace Left, ¼ Right Cha, Cha Forward Right-Left-Right
1-3 Step side right, step left beside right, cross right over left
4&5 Cha-cha side left- left, right, left
6-7 Cross-rock right over left, recover back onto left
8&1 Make ¼ turn right and cha-cha forward right, left, right

Forward Left, ½ Pivot Right, Cha-Cha Forward Right-Left-Right ½ Right, Back Right, Cross Left, Samba, Cross Right-Left-Right
2-3 Step forward left, make ½ pivot turn right onto right
4&5 Cha-cha forward left, right, left making ½ turn right to finish moving backward
6-7 Step backward right, cross left over right
8&1 Rock-step side right, recover onto left, cross right over left

Side Left, Together Right, Cha-Cha Side Left-Right-Left ¼ Left, Rock Forward Right, Replace, Coaster Right-Left-Right
2-3 Step side left pushing hips to the right, step right beside left
4&5 Cha-cha side left stepping left, right, left making ¼ turn left on the last step (left foot-count 21)
6-7 Rock-step forward right, recover back onto left
8&1 Step back right, step left beside right, step forward right (coaster step)

½ Left, Hook Left, Cha-Cha Forward Left-Right-Left, Forward Right, ¼ Pivot Left, Together Right, Together Left
2-3 Make ½ turn left with weight on right foot, slide left back to cross/hook over right
4&5 Cha-cha forward left, right, left
6-7 Step forward right, make ¼ pivot turn left onto left foot
8& Step right beside left, step left beside right


TAG: After the 4th wall
1-4 Step forward right, make ½ pivot turn left onto left, repeat previous 2 counts


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