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Jenny Lee

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Frank Trace (USA) - October 2008
Jenny Lee - Jason Allen
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Or Music: Brick House by Commodores (108 bpm)

Right Diagonal Touches, Step, Point, Step, Point
1-4 Touch Right toe diagonally forward right, touch Right toe next to Left, touch Right toe diagonally forward right, touch Right toe next to Left,
5-8 Step Right forward, touch Left toe to left side, step Left forward, touch Right toe to right side

Step Back, Point, Step Back, Point, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn
1-4 Step back on Right, touch Left out to left side, step back on Left, touch Right out to right side
5-8 Cross step Right over Left, step Left back, turning 1/4 to right step Right to right side, step Left next to right (3:00)

Shuffle Forward, Rock, Recover 1/2 Turn, Shuffle Forward, Rock, Recover
1&2 Shuffle forward stepping Right, Left, Right
3-4 Rock forward on L, recov er Right beginning a 1/2 turn left
5&6 Complete the 1/2 turn left with a shuffle forward stepping, Left, Right, Left (9:00)
7-8 Rock forward on Right, recover onto Left

Zig Zag Back, Hip Bumps Right & Left
1-4 Step Right back at a diagonal right, touch Left next to Right and clap, step Left back at a diagonal left, touch Right next to Left and clap
5-8 Bumps hips right twice, bump hips Left twice



Sandue May 2, 2016
This is a great dance and goes to all different types of music. I like it to the song SWING THING by 11 Acorn Lane and FELICIDADES by El Simbolo. (These also work great with your dance I Loved You More).

I teach Absolute Beginner and Beginner Line Dances in The Villages, Florida and will be doing these 2 dances.

Frank, any chance you would come visit us at The Villages, Florida? Love your dances.

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