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Sam Arvidson (USA) & Toshiko Kawamoto (JP) - October 2008
Volver a Verte - Oscar D'León
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Side, Rock Back, Recover, Step Lock Step, Forward Walk 4
1-3 Step side left, rock right diagonally back left, recover on left
4&5 Step right diagonally forward right (towards 1:30), lock left behind right, step right diagonally forward right (1:30)
6-1 Walk diagonally forward right (1:30) left, right, left, right

Progressive Cha-Cha Box
2&3 Cross left over right, turn ¼ left (face 10:30) and step right diagonally back right, step left diagonally back right
4&5 Step back right, turn ¼ left (face 7:30) and step side left, cross right over left
6&7 Step forward left, turn ¼ left (face 4:30) and step side right, step back on left
8&1 Step back right, turn 3/8 left (face 12:00) and step left to left side, cross right over left

Two Point-Crosses, Cross Rock, Recover, Step Side-Close- Side
2-3 Point left side left, cross left over right
4-5 Point right side right, cross right over left
6-7 Cross rock left over right, recover on right
8&1 Step side left, close right next to left, step side left

¼ Left & Cross Over Break, ¼ Right & Step Side-Close-Side, ¼ Right, ¼ Right, Cross Rock, Recover
2-3 Turn ¼ left (face 9:00) and rock forward on right, recover on left
4&5 Turn ¼ right (face 12:00) and step side right, close left next to right, step side right
6-7 Turn ¼ right (face 3:00) and step forward left, turn ¼ right (face 6:00) and shift weight to right
8& Cross rock left over right, recover on right



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