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Cheatin' Love

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Improver WCS
Niels Poulsen (DK) - October 2008
Your Cheatin' Heart - Crystal Shawanda
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Non-Country: Katherine McPhee & Elliott Yamin ‘Real love’.
Intro: ‘Real love’ track: 16 counts from first beat (app. 10 seconds into track).

‘Cheatin love’ track: 32 counts from first beat (app. 19 secs. intro track)

(1 – 8) Walk R, walk L, & ¼ L cross, ¼ R, ½ R, triple ½ turn R
1 – 2 Walk fw R, walk fw L 12:00
&3-4 Turn ¼ L stepping R a small step to R side, cross L over R, turn ¼ R stepping fw on R 12:00
5 – 6 Step fw on L, turn ½ R stepping fw on R 6:00
7&8 Turn ¼ R on the spot on L stepping L next to R, turn ¼ R bringing R next to L, change weight to L 12:00

(9 – 16) R sailor step, L sailor step, cross kick out out, hip roll (or body roll…)
1&2 Cross R behind L, step L a small step to L side, step R a small step to R side 12:00
3&4 Cross L behind R, step R a small step to R side, step L a small step to L side 12:00
5&6 Kick R foot across L, step R out to R side, step L small step to L side 12:00
7 - 8 Roll hips anticlockwise over 2 counts (or do a body roll) – weight ends on R 12:00

(17 – 24) Ball cross, ¼ R, R anchor step, walk fw L R, ½ L, ball cross ¼ L
&1 – 2 Bring L next to R, cross R over L, turn ¼ R stepping back on L 03:00
3&4 Bring R behind L, change weight to L, push a little back with L stepping back on R 03:00
5 – 6 Walk fw L, walk fw R 03:00
7&8 Turn ½ L stepping onto L, turn 1/8 L stepping R a very small step to R side, turn another 1/8 L crossing L over R 06:00

(25 – 32) R Dorothy step, L Dorothy step, step ½ L, fw R, ¼ L with R knee pop
1–2& Step R to R diagonal, lock L behind R, step R to R diagonal 06:00
3–4& Step L to L diagonal, lock R behind L, step L to L diagonal 06:00
5 – 6 Step fw R (facing 6:00), turn ½ L stepping fw on L 12:00
7 – 8 Step fw R, turn ¼ L on R bringing L next to R with a R knee pop 09:00

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