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Bad Guy

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Rafel Corbí (ES) - October 2008
That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy - Toby Keith
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Intro 10 counts

Forward, Touch, Back, Touch, Side, Touch, Side, Touch
1-2 Step right forward, touch left toe beside right
3-4 Step left back, touch right toe beside left
5-6 Step right to right side, touch left toe beside right
7-8 Step left to left side, touch right beside left

Shuffle Forward, Full Turn Forward, Shuffle Forward, Mambo Step
9&10 Step right forward, close left to right, step right forward
11-12 Full turn forward stepping left and right
13&14 Step left forward, close right to left, step left forward
15-16 Rock right forward, return weight to left, step right beside left

Coaster Step, Step, Clap, Pivot, Clap, Coaster Step
17&18 Step left back, step right beside left, step left forward
19-20 Step right to right side, clap
21-22 Pivot 1/2 turn to left over right foot stepping left to left side, clap
23-24 Step right back, step left beside right, step right forward

Make 1/4 Monterey Turn, Full Turn Forward With Steps, Hitchs And Claps
25-26 Point left to left, make a 1/4 turn left on ball and bring left beside right
27-28 Point right to right side, touch right toe beside left
29-30 Step forward with right, doing a 1/2 turn left hitch left foot and clap
31-32 Doing a 1/2 turn left (you've done a full turn forward) step left forward, hitch right foot and clap

Repeat Again

In order to make this dance easier for dancers, I have done it without tags. You will notice it at the 8th wall, which should be 4 counts shorter, and a little break after 12th wall, where there are 8 extra counts. It just don't matter, dance thru the music.


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