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Hanging Out in Florida

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Sandra Speck (UK) & Carol Simmons (UK) - November 2008
Jacksonville - Glenn Rogers
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Choreographed for Tampa Classic 2008
Dance starts on heavy beat, 64 count intro

Or Music:
Jacksonville by Josh Turner (120 bpm) From the Long Black Train cd.
Licence to Chill by Jimmy Buffet,
Line Dance Party by The Woolpackers
Crazy Arms by the Lennerockers

Cross, Back ¼ , ¼ Chasse, Cross Rock, Chasse ¼
1-2 Cross right foot over left, Step back on left turning 1/4 right
3&4 Turn ¼ right stepping right to right side, close left next to right, step right to right side [6]
5-6 Cross rock left over right, recover onto right foot
7&8 Step left to left side, close right next to left, step forward on left turning ¼ left [3]

Step Pivot ½ , Shuffle Forward, Back Turn ½, Sweep, Sailor Step
1-2 Step forward on right foot, pivot ½ turn left transfer weight to left foot [9]
3&4 Step forward on right, close left next to right, step forward on right foot
5-6 Step back on left foot making ½ turn right, sweep right foot out from front to back [3]
7&8 Step right behind left, step left to left side, step right foot to right side

Forward Rock, Coaster Step, Forward Rock, Coaster Step
1-2 Rock forward onto left foot, recover onto right foot
3&4 Step back onto left foot, close right next to left, step forwar d onto left foot
5-6 rock forward onto right foot,, recover onto left foot
7&8 Step back onto right foot, close left next to right, step forward onto right foot [3]

Step Pivot ¼ , Kick Ball Step, Rock Recover Chasse
1-2 Step forward on left foot, pivot ¼ turn right weight onto right foot [6]
3&4 Kick left foot forward, step onto ball of left, step forward on right foot
5-6 Cross rock left foot over right, recover back onto right foot
7&8 Step left foot to left side, close right foot next to left, step left foot to left side

On final wall, dance up to count 24 cross left over right and unwind ¾ turn right, to finish facing the front!

We had great fun choreographing this dance, hope you have great fun dancing it!


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