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Hotter Than Cold

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Beginner / Intermediate
Rob Fowler (ES) - December 2008
Hot n Cold - Katy Perry : (CD: One Of The Boys)
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Intro 8 Counts In

(1-8) Right Kickball Change ,Step ½ Turn, ½ Turn Shuffle, Coaster Step
1&2 Kick Right For, Step Right Next To Left, Step For’ Left
3-4 Step For Right, 1/2 Turn Left
5&6 Make ½ Turn Shuffleing Back On Right R,L,R
7&8 Left Coaster Step

(9-16) Walk Right ,Left, Kick Out Out,Rock Back Recover ,Right Side Chasse
1-2 Walk For Right, Left
3&4 Kick Right Forward ,Step Right To Right Side,Step Left To Left
5-6 Rock Back On Right ,Recover Onto Left
7&8 Right Side Chasse R,L,R

(17-24) Cross, Side ¼ Turn Back Shuffle, Rock Recover 2x1/2 Turns
1-2 Cross Left Over Right ,Step Right To Right Side
3&4 Make ¼ Turn Left Go Back On Left Shuffle
5-6 Rock Back On Right ,Recover To Left
7-8 Make ½ Turn Left Stepping Back On Right, Make ½ Turn Left Stepping For Right

(25–32) Step Diagonally Right Hold And Step Brush Repeat To Left Diagonal
1-2 Step Right Diagonally Right, Hold
&3-4 Step Left Behind Right, Step Right Diagonally Right, Brush Left
5-6 Step Left Diagonally Left, Hold
&7-8 Step Right Behind Left, Step Left Diagonally Left, Brush Right

(33–40) Rock Recover ¾ Turnright Shuffle Rock Recover Coaster Step
1-2 Rock For’ Right ,Recover Back Onto Left
3&4 Make ¾ Tun Right Doing Right Shuffle R,L,R
5-6 Rock For’ Left ,Recover Back Onto Right
7&8 Left Coaster Step L,R,L

(41-48) Syncopated Weave Right, Rock Recover, Side Chasse
1-2 Step Right To Right Side , Step Left Behind Right
&3-4 Step Right To Right Side,Cross Left Over Right, Step Right To Right Side
5-6 Rock Back Left , Recover Onto Right
7&8 Left Side Chasse L,R,L

(49-56) Weave Left Rock Recover ¼ Turn Shuffle
1-2 Cross Right Over Left ,Step Left To Left Side
3-4 Step Right Behind Left ,Step Left To Left Side
5-6 Rock For’ Right ,Recover Back Onto Left
7&8 Make ¼ Turn Right Going For’ Right Shuffle

(57-64) Left Shuffle ,Rock Recover, 1 ½ Turn Back Right, Step For Left
1&2 Left Shuffle For’ L,R,L
3-4 Rock For’ Right, Recover Back Onto Left
5-6 Make ½ Turn Right Stepping For’ Right, ½ Turn Right Stepping Back Left
7-8 Make ½ Turn Right Stepping For’ Right, Step Forward Onto Left

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